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Alpaca Sense Pellets

"Pellets that make sense!"

When I first invested in alpacas (2009) I did my due diligence and provided my new herd with what I thought was the most nutritious pellet supplement.  I understood the importance of providing a high quality pellet that would provide the needed vitamins and minerals for the growth of healthy lustrous fleece. Meanwhile, leaps and bounds were made in alpaca nutritional research however the bestselling pellet formulas never changed. It was discovered that a diet high in protein greatly affected the fineness of alpaca fiber making it course and brittle. I was also having a problem with choke and even lost one of my own animals tragically. 

I began consulting with other professionals within the alpaca industry. An alpaca pellet with lower protein content and a smaller diameter just made sense.  Myself and a few other ranchers used the new ALPACA SENSE PELLETS exclusively for two years before I began marketing the new and improved pellet. When you open a bag of ALPACA SENSE PELLETS you will notice a smaller pellet. These are more palatable for the alpaca and reduces the risk of choke. The pellets have all of the same vitamins and minerals as the bestsellers but have a lower protein content. ALPACA’S LOVE THEM!!!